Masaryk Municipal Hospital in Jilemnice

Masaryk Municipal Hospital in Jilemnice

„Bezpečná nemocnice, spokojený pacient“

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Information for Patient

What you should take with you to the hospital


  • Insurance company card
  • Identity card
  • Possibly medical certificate (sick note)
  • Contact to your family (phone number, addresses)


  • pyjama
  • nightdress
  • underwear
  • dressing gown
  • slippers
  • towel

Drugs and compensatory aids

  • Particularly drugs, that you usually take
  • Drugs from the specialists (drugs for blood pressure, allergies, skin diseases, insulin, hormonal contraception etc.)
  • Moreover remember to take all the aids that you usually need – glasses, earpieces, French sticks, insulin pens...


  • Toiletry (toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, shaving equipment...)
  • for leisure time a book, magazines, a favourite toy for children, school stuff
  • take some change or phone card for call box, smaller amount of money for case you go to the kiosk

Don’t take to the hospital: 

  • bigger amount of money
  • valuables (gold, jewellery)
  • passbooks
  • cigarettes and alcohol
  • excessive food supplies