Masaryk Municipal Hospital in Jilemnice

Masaryk Municipal Hospital in Jilemnice

„Bezpečná nemocnice, spokojený pacient“

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Masaryk Municipal Hospital in Jilemnice

Jilemnice, the picturesque small town, is situated at the foot of western part of Krkonoše Mountains. Considering the number of inhabitants it is ranked among the small towns.    

The town is the owner and founder of the hospital. Its premises are located in the western part of Jilemnice town. The Satellite, located at the main line toward Krkonoše Mountains, belongs to the hospital and also some detached special outpatients’ departments.     

The hospital is the second biggest organization in the region, considering the number of employees. Its importance is determined also by the fact, that it is the largest and most integrated health-care facility in Semily district. According to the range   and structure of services it can be ranked among the hospitals of I. – II. Type. Some services provided in this hospital, such as heart examination by nuclear methods, are provided only at the clinics being at the cutting edge.   

The hospital can run six basic ward facilities:    

  • Anaesthesiology and resuscitation
  • Child and  infantile
  • Gynaecology and midwifery   
  • Surgery
  • Internal medicine
  • Neurology
  • Anaesthesiology and resuscitation
  • Centre of haemodialysis
  • Haematology and transfusion centre
  • Radio diagnostics
  • Rehabilitation
  • Clinical bio chemistry
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Immunoanalytical  laboratory
  • Urgent care for adults, children and juniors (so called “emergency”)     
  • Medical Transport Service through 50% property participation in the company Ambulance-van Doornik - MMN spol. s r.o.
  • Surgery outpatient department and advisory service for adults and children  
  • Urology outpatient department 
  • Outpatient department and advisory service in gynaecology (both for  adults and children) 
  • Internal medicine outpatient department and advisor y service 
  • Outpatient department and advisory service in neurological specialisations
  • Outpatient department and advisory service in paediatrics
  • Cardiological outpatient department (for children and adults)  
  • Neurological outpatient department (for children and adults) 
  • Pulmonary diseases
  • Clinical speech therapist
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Pharmacy

Complement workplaces and special outdoor patients’ departments are also a part of the hospital: 

Each individual department provides services not only to the patients of Jilemnice hospital, but also to the patients of other special outpatients’ departments run in the region. Furthermore it provides services for the neighbouring hospitals in Semily, Vrchlabí, Vysoké nad Jizerou and others. It provides not only health care services, but also other services; related to health care facilities (we provide meals for nursing home in Lomnice nad Popelkou, etc.). The hospital has recently invested considerable amount of its funds (more than CZK 150 million). It has thus created good preconditions to do well within the network of health care facilities and to be recommended for contract with health insurance companies for other 5 years. 

List of present contracts with medical insurance funds: 

  • 111 General Health Insurance Company  
  • 201 Military Health Insurance Company
  • 205 Metallurgical Health Insurance Company   
  • 207 Departmental Health Insurance Company for employees of banks and insurance companies   
  • 209 Škoda Health Insurance Company
  • 211 Health Insurance Company of Ministry of the Interior  
  • 217 Metal Aliance
  • 222 Czech National Health Insurance Company  
  • 228 Media