Masaryk Municipal Hospital in Jilemnice

Masaryk Municipal Hospital in Jilemnice

„Bezpečná nemocnice, spokojený pacient“

to Masaryk Municipal Hospital in Jilemnice

„Safe hospital – satisfied patient“

 The Best Hospital in the Liberec Region in 2011 in terms of patient satisfaction, rating A+.

Since it was first established in 1934 Masaryk Municipal Hospital in Jilemnice has been one of the most important healthcare facilities in the region. It is equipped with first-class medical technology. The aim of the hospital is not only to maintain but also to continually improve the quality of healthcare in this popular tourist region, and to offer citizens of the Czech Republic and foreign visitors a welcoming environment and high-quality services. Translation services, a transport service and other services are provided here 24 hours a day. 

However, the hospital’s greatest asset is its staff. Friendliness, politeness and professionalism, together with patient safety, are the hospital’s principal merits.

This is another reason why it has been awarded the title of Best Hospital in the Region in terms of patient satisfaction as part of the HCI project entitled "Patient Satisfaction" for many years now. It was also ranked 4th place out of all the hospitals in the Czech Republic assessed as part of this project.

However, the hospital attained its greatest ever success in the KOP project entitled "Quality through the Eyes of Patients" in 2011. It was rated A+ and the 86% patient satisfaction rating makes it one of the best of all hospitals ever.

Another reason the hospital is so important is that it is the largest and most comprehensive healthcare facilities in the district of Semily. Some of the operations carried out here are only performed in top clinics, such as using nuclear methods to examine the heart. The hospital’s greatest pride, thanks to its excellent staff, is still its maternity clinic, which successfully handled over 900 births in 2011. However, we should also mention our other areas of expertise, which provide outstanding services to people in the region, from all over the Czech Republic, and also to foreign visitors to the mountains.

Last autumn the laboratory department was awarded a quality certificate in accordance with the ISO 15189 standard. The hospital is currently preparing to meet the stringent requirements for national accreditation. It is also preparing for the next phase in replacing its instruments, as well as other projects.

Our absolute priority is to ensure the health, satisfaction and safety of our patients.